Hardwood Floor Samples

At Restoration Floorworks, we have a wide range of wood types for your flooring needs. We also offer special pricing for large projects, and can promise to do the job in your time frame, with a minimum of fuss and inconvenience to you.

We can supply a full range of the finest hardwood flooring materials, including but not limited to, those below:

American Black Cherry Wood Floor

Brazilian Cherry

Black Walnut wood floor

Black Walnut

Hard Maple Wood

Hard Maple

Red Oak Flooring

Red Oak

White Ash Flooring

White Ash

White Oak Flooring

White Oak

Yellow Birch Flooring

Yellow Birch

Some folks love the way a Red Oak floor will look as the sun gleams throughout the kitchen. Others prefer the classic look of Brazilian Cherry. And still others will choose a more modern Hard Maple.

Love them all? Don’t worry, we will help you decide what may be the best option for your project. We can talk about hardwood flooring trends and standing the test of time – which is very important when making such a great investment in your home.

Too many options? Don’t let that scare you away! We will talk you through your choices and before we begin you will feel confident that you will love your new hardwood floors.

If you already have existing wood flooring in your home and you are extending with this installation project, we will talk about your options in matching. In most cases, the wood floors that are already installed will need to be refinished as well for the ultimate overall look and blend.

Call us today at 303-291-1240 to have one of our consultants come by with samples to give you an estimate.