Water-based Finishes

Quicker Drying, Less Smell

Twenty years ago, almost all hardwood floor finishing was done with oil-based finishes, such as polyurethane. While oil-based finishes are extremely tough and beautiful, there are a few problems with them.

First, they are not environmentally friendly. Second, when first applied, they produce a strong, resinous smell that lasts for a considerable length of time after application.In addition, they take at least 24 hours to dry. And finally, all oil-based finishes yellow with time, use, and damage.

Because of these negative aspects of oil-based finishes, our sole supplier of finishes, Bonakemi, went to work on a new class of waterbourne finishes that eliminate these problems. Today, Bonakemi Waterbourne Finishes are the best in the world.

Their attributes include the following:

Tough and long lasting: See the chart below. Waterbourne finishes are now far tougher and longer-lasting than the oil-based finishes they replaced.

Environmentally friendly: Waterbourne finishes produce no toxic waste products. This helps to protect the environment and your home.

Non-yellowing: Waterbourne finishes do not yellow with age, use, or damage. This means that your waterbourne finished floor will retain its clear beauty far longer than oil-based finishes do.

No lingering smells: You won’t be driven out of your home or inconvenienced by the smells that used to accompany hardwood floor refinishing.

Quick drying: Ordinarily you can walk on your newly refinished floor within three to four hours of completion. You won’t be limited to the use of only part of your house for an extended period of time after refinishing. Combined with our Dustless Sanding Systems, you will only be inconvenienced a minimum amount of time when you have your hardwood floors installed or refinished.

Just how long lasting and tough are the Bonakemi Waterbourne Finishes we use?

The following chart should give you some idea.