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Denver Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing

Welcome to RestorationFloorWorks, LLC, your trusted provider of hardwood floor installation and refinishing in Denver. Variety, expertise, personal service – you can get them all here, and for the right price!

If hardwood floors are next on your list of plans, you’ve found the perfect team to do it! With our experience, attention to detail and materials, you pay for top-quality workmanship, personal service, and the best installation equipment available.

Professional installation means satisfaction

We’re experts in various types of installation techniques. With our detailed, hands-on discussion with you, you’re assured to get the type of installation best suited for your needs.

You also get professional advice and guidance throughout the process, from the selection of the materials all the way to the finishing. So you understand the process and get the results you want – and there are no unwanted surprises!

Dustless? No Mess!

We use dustless sanders to remove yellowing finish and level out dinged up floors. That means no sawdust mess throughout your home. Thanks to our lightweight and house-friendly equipment, you also won’t have to worry about your walls, baseboards and furniture.

You can also enjoy the benefits of water-based finishes. They dry quickly and don’t have the strong smell that oil-based finishes do.  It’s also environmentally friendly and long-lasting, giving you years of tough and nontoxic finish.

There’s More!

When we’re not installing or refinishing your hardwood floors, we’re working on your handrails and stairs.  Or even your tiles! We’re all about making things easy and timely for you, so that whatever upgrade project you’re working on is worth every buck.

Ready to get floored with high-quality hardwood floor service? Get in touch with us for your next project.

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